Opportunity Fund 100

Fortis Investment Group, LP Opportunity Fund I00  

 A $150,000,000  real estate fund that invests in New York, New Jersey  metropolitan region as well as high density and growth areas wherein the speed of decisions and immediate access to investment capital is of significant and opportunistic importance.  The funds goal would is to seek out investment vehicles and  remain flexible enough to analyze and, when warranted, take advantage of excellent real estate or related opportunities by leveraging funds, acquiring debt capital and achieving excellent returns to the investors.NYC night from queens


The fund looks for market positioning of projects not typically “financially visible” to large funds or corporations. Unwieldy and heavily structured organizations either overlook or cannot move quickly enough to take advantage of opportunities as they may arise on “street level” offerings. Smaller firms cannot muster the resources or talent needed to capitalize on investment opportunities that typically fly under the financial radar.

Whereas a mid to major player depends on multiple layers of support individuals to find and report an opportunity; have those items sent up the corporate rungs till it either is approved or denied, and in many cases, the process renders the site and subsequent action irrelevant by the corporations inability to process information quickly.

We have the ability to lock in on a deal, disseminate information to the board, make a decision, either reject or move quickly and have the ability to engage in a site or project without the further submission of lengthy and time delaying documents. Direct access, immediate information and knowledge of the location gives us the edge needed to acquire highly profitable sites in areas affected by the expanded growth of the New York City market.

The further goals of the fund encompasses opportunities in mixed use developments, existing structures in need of rehabilitation, retail offerings, industrial buildings or building sites and uses, conversions, rezoning and single to multifamily projects. Debt capital for other opportunities can be raised by traditional means, joint ventures  or the available non-banking resources now back online after the last recession and actively seeking investment returns.

Growth oriented and demographically viable housing components throughout these regions,  will have a third party market study to determine project viability. The Partnership does not invest in any properties that are not supported by market studies, with stated exceptions  by unanimous board approval,  and meet or exceed pro forma financial criteria in order to maximize investor returns.File Mar 03, 2 15 44 PM

Opportunity Fund 100 totals  one hundred fifty million ($150,000,000) dollars, with an option for an additional twenty five million ( $25,000,000) dollars. The total equity investment per project does not exceed fifteen million ( $15 million) dollars, unless the investment is deemed exceptionally suited to our needs by two thirds of the board.

With many  years of combined  experience in the real estate development business, the principals of Fortis believe they will have,  within 5 years,  a portfolio of assets having a value of $500 million. With a proprietary channel and relations built over the past 30 years, Fortis will have access and the opportunity to obtain assets before others have their hierarchy engaged. Fortis has a knowledge of the many rising market locales throughout the United States, with specific emphasis on the New York/Metro area,   and further intends to diversify into various markets driven by positive economic and demographic conditions in those areas.

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Fortis Investment Group, LP Opportunity Fund 100

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