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A mid range real estate investment asset management company with emphasis on secondary real estate markets in and around the New York/ New Jersey Metropolitan area. Our second “Opportunity 2.0” focuses on major cities in transition. From Miami to San Francisco, we can supply capital and experience to take advantage of well placed and situated opportunities with joint venture partners, municipalities, special investor funds and the like.

Our “100” fund is situated within the strongest real estate growth in the world, we have combined assets which are placed in desirable, accessible and convenient ┬álocations as they relate to the burgeoning “boom” areas of the Northeast corridor.

Institutional grade investments with minimum requirements and superior high profile and exclusive locations. Partnerships, Joint Ventures, Funds,  Pension Plans & other structured investment vehicles.

Investors can expect high returns, safety and a professional asset management team to procure and oversee properties affected by an upsurge in value and demographic importance.