Invictus and Fortis align for acquisitions in New Jersey

July 9, 2020 by Fortis marketing staff

Invictus Real Estate Partners and Fortis Investment Group are combining for a series of ventures into New Jersey mixed use and commercial real estate. Eric Scheffler of Invictus and Dom Marino of Fortis have worked out an arrangement wherein Fortis will take the lead in the acquisition and development process while Invictus provides needed funding and other valuable parts of its evergrowing assets and organization.

Marino has indicated that the partnership will be flexible enough to move on the swiftly changing and dynamic landscape of the New Jersey real estate market. ” With our close to the street resources and Invictisus’ financial market saavy and fluidity our relationship should prove highly worthwhile for both parties.” Mr. Scheffler was not available for comment at the time of this article but will submit a release as soon as possible.